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After the election this year I wanted to do something artistically, but I wasn’t sure what. I came up with the idea of showing men’s bodies in a way that wasn’t dictated by societal norms of what makes a man a man. In the past when I’ve shoot nudes with men it was more about abstracting their bodies, but with this I wanted to present the shape without any of the usual toxic “men do this and don’t do that” constraints. So, part of this shoot was a protest against the culture of men as aggressors, men as unemotional, men as beings of uncontrollable raging hormones etc. In many ways a reaction against the way Donald Trump presents himself to the world, and against the anti-LGBT stances of Mike Pence. We wanted to show the complexity of these two men through movement, support, frailty and love. Hopefully showing a path to move forward, grow and survive.

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